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The Economizer!!
Click here to learn more about our Economizer DC Powered Shelter Cooling System. You can also read our featured article in OSP Magazine.
Infrastructure Upgrades
No matter the application, your thermal issue will be solved. We are experienced in thermal retrofits including thermal management. Need to add functionality to your OSP cabinet? Update your thermal system including controls, system, Schrofftech is your partner
Ambient Air Solutions
Reduce your energy bills, site visits, carbon footprint by utilizing our novel filtered air system and state of the art controls with remote access.
New!! Aftermarket Upgrade Kits for OSP Fresh Air Cooled Telecom Cabinets
Reduces nuisance alarms and premature failures of Base Station Components while preserving optimum thermal performance.
Manage Devices... Anywhere... Anytime!!
Easily, conveniently, and securely through the cloud
STI.GoToMyDevices.com is Schrofftech's secure Cloud solution for reports, manuals & bulletins covering Direct Ambient Cooling (DAC) systems and HVAC Controllers.

With higher-speed communications demanded by an increasingly connected consumer, outdoor telecommunications base equipment is the first to feel the effects of greater heat generation. Schroff Technologies solves the problem of thermal control and management for telecommunications companies across the US and Canada.
Innovative Solutions Through Analysis & Testing
Schrofftech designs intelligent thermal control systems using comprehensive analysis and rigorous testing to optimize your existing systems. Reduced energy consumption and consistent temperatures lead to less maintenance, LESS OPERATING EXPENSES and immediate savings and fast payback.

Control – We engineer smart, energy efficient systems that you monitor and control offsite using networked software at your own data center. Intelligent control keeps your systems running at optimum performance, reducing wear and tear.

Filters – We’ll provide the right filters for either ambient or cooled air systems. Our low impedance and customized filters withstand the harshest conditions and climates.

Environment – Schrofftech matches each intelligent system to the cooling needs of your specific locations. No matter the outside conditions, your base equipment remains housed in a temperature controlled, stable interior climate.

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Thermal Management Engineering Solutions for Telecommunications Industry
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