Working with Specific Applications
We analyze your site to solve the major problems encountered by telecommunications companies today: energy use and equipment maintenance & failure. Our intelligent thermal management systems save energy and cut costs while our real-time control systems reduce unscheduled maintenance and equipment failure.

To achieve optimal thermal management, we select the best course of action to dissipate heat generated by higher data transfer speeds and vastly increasing volume of data transfer. Whenever possible, filtered ambient air systems and direct air cooling are incorporated for greatest efficiency and savings. Heat exchangers and air conditioning systems augment our arsenal of tools when conditions dictate a need for more precise temperature control.
1.  Assessing Your System
When assessing the needs of your system, we review your specifications and test for ambient and running temperatures to calculate optimal cooling requirements. We obtain and study meteorological data for your location to determine weather and temperature extremes and deviations from the norm.
•  Review Specifications
•  Test ambient & running temps
•  Research meteorological data
2.  Computer Modeling
Computer modeling is a cost efficient and effective use of leading edge technology that has many valuable advantages. Among the latest best practices industry-wide, virtual computer models increase accuracy and reduce design and implementation time.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Used in the design and development, CFD analyzes fluid flow and surface interaction specific to your system. Schrofftech engineers incorporate CFD to increase the effectiveness of your system.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
The use of FEA allows design visualization in a virtually constructed computer model that can be customized, refined and optimized prior to fabrication.
3.  Prototyping and Fabrication
Essential to the process of matching your system to local conditions is the skillful construction of a working prototype and, if necessary, fabrication of housings.
Schrofftech’s experience with sheet metal and mechanical fabrication is unsurpassed in the industry with a 14 year record of designing and testing custom systems.
4.  In-house Testing
Among the many advantages to in-house testing are speed, accuracy and control. When test results are in, they’re available be put to use immediately. Schrofftech’s own experienced team of engineers is hands-on in the process, and strictly controls conditions under which tests are performed.
•  PCB design and testing
•  Thermal and Airflow test and analysis labs
5.  Regulatory Approvals
Schrofftech's systems are designed utilizing UL approved components to achieve fast-track regulatory approval.
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