Schrofftech serves the high growth telecom and cable markets. We offer energy efficient cooling / temperature control systems for telecom shelters, outdoor enclosures and battery /power rooms for the cable industry. The company also retrofits existing telecom infrastructure for capacity upgrades and thermal efficiencies for compelling energy cost savings.

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Building Facilities - Our headquarters at Dry Bridge Commerce Park in North Kingstown, RI is a combination of professional office structure and attached, modern insulated operations / warehousing facility. The building has infrastructure for testing, prototyping, integration / assembly line with dedicated testing stations.

Schroff Technologies is also ISO 9001:2015 certified

Computer Modeling
Pro-E Parametric Mechanical Design and SolidWorks Simulation Premium – Complete mechanical modeling and FEA systems with on site expertise in thermal packaging and integration design.

CFDesign by Blue Ridge Numerics – Thermal Modeling System – Compatible with Pro-E modeling system. Members of our engineering staff have the experience to create complete thermal models for complex systems.

Manufacturing Footprint – Full sheet metal, composite material, enclosures support and 2nd source integration provided by our manufacturing partner. Controller designs, final assembly, integration, testing, customer service and RMA functions are provided at our North Kingstown, Rhode Island Facility.
Key capabilities include:

•  Metal punching, forming and laser technologies

•  Surface treatment
- Powder Coating
- Immersion Chromating
  (RoHS Environmentally Compliant)
- Spray Cleaning
•  Welding and Brazing
- Tig welding to 4mm
- Spot welding to 3mm
- Bolt resistance welding with M6
•  Complete thermal characterization lab including:
- Air flow chamber
- Thermal Chamber
- FMA Lab
Schroff Technologies International Inc.
Thermal Management Engineering Solutions for Telecommunications Industry
376 Dry Bridge Road, Bldg H1   •   North Kingstown, RI 02852   •   USA
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