Schrofftech offers a line of ambient thermal systems for wireless telecom companies and other communications market segments. State of the art elements produce the best possible thermal Environment while cooling your equipment for the least amount of energy consumption.
Custom cooling systems
Every region has conditions unique to itself. For greatest optimization, Schrofftech will completely customize your existing platform or build an entirely new system to keep your sites running at maximum performance with minimum maintenance.
Ambient Air Cooling Systems
Always the least expensive to operate, ambient air cooling solutions designed by Schrofftech will optimize an existing system or design a completely new customized system. New or existing platforms are modified with your application’s requirements and are configured to your specifications.
Emergency DC Filtered Fresh Air
Never worry again about downed lines, electrical storms or anything else that can knock you off the grid. When the power goes down, you want reliable emergency power to kick in to keep your thermal control systems online, up and running.
The Economizer!!
Click here to learn more about our Economizer DC Powered Shelter Cooling System. You can also read our featured article in OSP Magazine.
Infrastructure Upgrades
No matter the application, your thermal issue will be solved!!

Testing your system's thermal requirements, designing your system with proper airflow, state of the art systems components including remote control access and monitoring
Filter Frame Upgrades
We update your upgraded OSP cabinets with the proper sized filter frame and frame to achieve optimum temperature control. Our system controller includes such alarms as filter clog.
Aftermarket Upgrade Kits for OSP Fresh Air Cooled Telecom Cabinets
Custom Fan Trays
Designed for existing or new platforms, each custom fan tray is fitted to efficiently remove the heat from your data networking equipment. Built to fit exactly the right components, and configured for your base shelter.
Outside Plant (OSP) Cabinets
Schrofftech’s standard 66" standard OSP (Outside Plant) cabinet configured for power application.
RAN Macrocell
Schrofftech’s 66" cabinet confirgured as a RAN macrocell thermally managed with ambient filtered air.
Intelligent Control & Monitoring Systems
Innovative solutions, experienced engineers, rigorous testing and top of the line products put Schrofftech in the vanguard for internet-capable telecommunications thermal control systems. Designed to your specs, our programmable remote monitoring equipment guards all the essential and flag any developing abnormalities by general alarm or email alert.

•  Fans
•  Temp
•  Filter Efficiency
•  Power Fluctuation
•  Heater Failure
Schrofftech remote control and monitoring systems reduce the need for site visits, a valuable time management tool.

•  Change set point
•  Change Alarm settings
•  AC/DC power switch
For maximum reliability and environmental compatibility, Schrofftech offers high quality filtration devices tested and rated as suitable to conditions prevalent in your geographic region. Our pre-manufactured and customized filters are designed to provide reliable service in conditions from hot, dry and dusty to frigid high elevation to sea-level salt-air fog.
•  Minimum impedance with maximum filter efficiency
•  GR-487 Salt-fog compliance filters
•  UL900 Class 1 Flammability
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